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Posted by on Sep 21, 2022

Three Things Every Learner Wants

Three Things Every Learner Wants

Why Custom Learning Solutions Will Make Your Team More Successful.

Personalized learning is a must in today’s workplace.  According to the 2021 OPM Federal Employment Viewpoint Survey, only 68% of respondents acknowledged they were given a “real opportunity to improve their skills in their organization”, and only 64% believed their “talents are used well in the workplace”.  Providing an environment for continuous learning is a great start but what do your learners really want? 

Learners want training to be relevant and immediately applicable!

Sending employees to training that isn’t specific to the way they do their jobs, or isn’t relatable to their day-to-day role is a poor use of funding. Learners need practical content that is customized to them in their roles and to their way of working, which can be applied immediately and will be utilized over and over again. Customized content could include agency-specific examples and case studies, building practice sessions and exercises that mirror “real work” experiences, and branding your training with your own logos and style guidance. Customization goes a long way to engage learners!  

Learners want flexible learning plans and delivery systems.

The pandemic pressed us all into the virtual learning world quickly, and a broad spectrum of work models – from in office, to hybrid, to fully remote – is here to stay. As learners get more comfortable with these new training techniques, they want and expect more! On-demand sessions that fit into busy personal schedules, micro-bursts of content that are easy to consume, and the opportunity to get credit for information they already know are the new normal for your learners. 

Learners want training to be engaging and fun!

Gamified learning modules and animations are not only fun, but these strategies have been proven to enhance retention.  Equally important is ensuring the content is accessible.  With real-time feedback, embedded assessments, and personalization for visual and auditory preferences built right in, learners will get more of what they want and need from each training session. 

Management Concepts Learning Services team members have designed, developed, and delivered thousands of hours of training for numerous commercial and government clients.  Our team of learning experts is ready and prepared to design curricula that will help your organization reach your objectives, keep the learning experience “fresh”, and ensure participants stay engaged in the learning process. We’re ready to partner with you to build the customized training that will make your team successful.   

Want more information on how Management Concepts Learning Services can help you create a Customized Learning Solutions for your team?   

Contact us now and download our free White Paper: Custom Curriculum Development. 

To contact Tom Ladenburg about Custom Learning Solutions, email him at or call him at 703-270-4176.

Tom Ladenburg is the Executive Director of the Custom Learning Solutions division of our Learning Services Department, where he oversees the organization across all Management Concepts client-facing custom solutions.  Tom has dedicated his entire 25-year career to the Learning industry, with much of his experience gained through working within global management consulting firms working across numerous government agencies and private companies, both domestic and internationally.

Tom’s primary focus within Learning is technology, and Tom brings a wealth of experience in the development of virtual universities, blended learning solutions, content development, and integrating the technology infrastructure necessary for the development of enterprise-wide learning solutions

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