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Posted by on Feb 22, 2022

How to Create Upskill Opportunities in the Federal Government

How to Create Upskill Opportunities in the Federal Government

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As technology continues to do more for us through process automation, federal employees are afforded opportunities to learn new skills and reach new heights. Bridging the gap between former and future needs is important for team management and the professional development of individual team members. With the number of federal workforce retirements increasing significantly, it is critical to identify developmental opportunities to increase productivity, motivation, retention, and workplace efficiency.

Here are a few recommendations for helping employees increase their capabilities:

  • Approve job-specific professional development opportunities. Federal agencies need to keep up with career trends and skills to compete in today’s job market. With online and in-person courses, employees can stretch their knowledge base. Enlarge the scope of your employees’ expertise by providing multiple training opportunities that introduce new insights and enable them to handle more complex responsibilities.
  • Encourage employees to attend industry conferences. Attending industry conferences is a great way for you and your team to stay up to date with what’s happening in a defined industry. It also provides a chance to network with other professionals in the same field. Put your team in a position to learn from industry leaders about what they know best — or facilitate an introduction that could lead to a mentoring or shadowing opportunity.
  • Establish cross-training opportunities. Provide your team with opportunities to develop new skills and share knowledge. This is important because when anyone is out of the office for an extended period, retires, or moves to another position, they may be taking valuable information with them. By encouraging cross-training within departments, you can maintain crucial workflows regardless of individual circumstances.
  • Encourage team members to envision their career paths. Motivate your team members to reach their full potential with Individual Development Plans. Employees who feel empowered to take on new challenges and improve their skills are more likely to be engaged and productive members of the team. Offering development opportunities helps employees reach their full potential while strengthening the efficiency of internal workflow processes.

Providing upskill opportunities for federal employees demonstrates that you recognize their dedication and effort. By encouraging them to realize their full potential, managers empower employees to envision and pursue their career aspirations.

Management Concepts offers numerous training opportunities to help employees learn new professional skills or enhance existing knowledge. In addition, we offer several human capital advisory services such as coaching and change management.


  1. If you haven’t heard of Open Opportunities, a USAJOBS-powered platform dedicated to upskilling opportunities for federal employees, continue reading or check out the website at

    Open Opportunities is a professional development and networking platform for all federal employees. The platform allows federal employees to create an account and profile which then allows them to search for professional development/upskilling opportunities ranging from full time details to smaller micro-details that are project-based assignments and can take anywhere from an hour to 20% time. The Open Opportunities platform also offers federal employees the opportunity to network across the federal government and to sign up as a mentor or someone looking for a mentor, which they can then find on the site. Finally, the Open Opportunities communities function offers agencies, organizations, and communities of practice the ability to stand up internal or external communities dedicated to their organization’s professional development goals, which include anything from details to job shadowing to mentoring programs, or all of the above.

    • Thank you for informing us of this valuable resource.

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