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Posted by on Aug 22, 2016

Top 5 Questions from Our DATA Act Webinar

Top 5 Questions from Our DATA Act Webinar

DATA Act WebinarWith so many questions asked at the end of our DATA Act webinar last week, we were unable to answer them all on the spot, but here’s a follow-up on the top five questions asked. (If you were unable to attend the webinar live, access a recording here.)

  1. To whom does the DATA Act apply?

The DATA Act applies to all Federal agencies. By May 8, 2017, all Federal agencies will be required to report their spending information in compliance with the new data-centric reporting structure. No later than August 7, 2018, OMB will decide whether DATA Act standards apply to all grantee and contractor reporting—OMB will submit a report to Congress one year prior on the two pilots (one for grantees, one for contractors) to help evaluate the decision of how far to extend the DATA Act requirements.

  1. Will FFATA go away?

In a word—no. The DATA Act is actually just an amendment to FFATA. If you’re within a Federal agency, some of your reporting processes and requirements will change. Exactly what will change varies by agency.

  1. What are the pilots and will I hear about the outcome of the pilots?

Section 5 of the DATA Act specifies that two pilots must take place. OMB is tasked with leading the pilot for contractors to identify recommendations and test processes. They are working with HHS to implement the grants pilot, which will test several reporting processes and use of the Common Data Elements Repository Library. OMB must submit a report on the pilots to Congress by August 7, 2017.

  1. Is my agency already compliant with the DATA Act?

Ask around within your agency to find out where you are in the process since it’s different for everyone. Your CDO, OIG, CIO, or CTO offices are likely to be involved, so communications from those offices are a good place to start. The DATA Act Information Model Schema was just finalized in May 2016, so it’s not likely for anyone to be in full compliance yet. In November of this year, the Inspectors General office of every Federal agency is required to submit a report on implementation progress. Full compliance is not required until May 8, 2017.

  1. Will Management Concepts offer additional updates and resources?

Absolutely! Stay tuned for future blog posts on data security, legislative updates, DATA Act implementation milestones, and more.

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