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Posted by on Apr 19, 2016

Hiring Excellence: Using Four Hiring Authorities to Attract Top Talent

Hiring Excellence: Using Four Hiring Authorities to Attract Top Talent

HiringFinding and taking a prospective applicant through an organization’s hiring process is no easy task. So, in what ways can human resource professionals and managers more effectively use the tools at their disposal to attract top talent? Beginning in 2016, OPM’s Hiring Excellence Campaign looks to provide those involved in the hiring process the ability to do just that.

One of the major goals of the Hiring Excellence Campaign is to work collaboratively with hiring managers and human resources professionals to ensure that agencies are using all the tools at their disposal to hire efficiently and competitively. Through the campaign, OPM is looking to improve the use of key recruitment websites, provide information on hiring flexibilities, and use assessments to help identify top talent. In addition to putting agencies in contact with OPM’s subject matter experts, the Federal government’s HR University provided a Hiring Toolkit, and the USAJobs website will be undergoing various iterations of improvement through 2017.

Two specific areas of need are cybersecurity and IT management, with the former projected to increase in worth to $170 billion by 2020. Regardless of the field or skillset, it is increasingly important for Federal agencies to imaginatively attract and retain top talent in the face of increasing pressure on agency budgets. In addition, agencies need to be more creative in considering what incentives they can offer, particularly for candidates that might otherwise gravitate toward the private sector.

The Hiring Excellence campaign shines a light on a plethora of tools and strategies you can use; when brainstorming don’t forget about these four underused hiring authorities to help fill key positions:

  • Direct-Hire Authority permits an agency to hire, after public notice is given, any qualified applicant. It takes out the competitive ranking and rating that tend to slow down the hiring process.
  • Students and Recent Graduates can enjoy streamlined programs that increase their employment opportunities. This authority can help obtain talent that can be developed over time, and provide a clearer career path for those interested in public service.
  • Intergovernmental Personnel Act allows the temporary assigning of personnel between the Federal government and state/local governments, and can be used as a cost-effective way to fill the needs of high-demand positions.
  • Part-Time & Job Sharing is a strategy to more effectively recruit employees who are not looking for a full-time commitment. It can be used as a way to fill an agency’s need with two part-time employees rather than one full-time employee.

Through OPM’s Hiring Excellence Campaign, managers and hiring specialists can more effectively work together to ensure they recruit highly qualified and interested candidates. Using hiring authorities strategically expedites the hiring process for prospective applicants and hiring managers alike, and helps agencies make the most of their budgets while also meeting staffing goals.


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