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Posted by on Jan 23, 2015

Federal Grants Update 2015 – Implementing the Uniform Guidance

CapitolSince the Uniform Guidance went into effect in December, several people have asked me how things are going with implementation.  My answer is always, “it depends.”

To someone outside of the grants community, the flurry of releases surrounding the Uniform Guidance going into effect may make it seem like everything is good to go.  After all, we’ve known that this change was coming for a long time.

If only things were that easy.

I joined Management Concepts just in time to participate in a session of our Federal Grants Update 2014 course.  Following the class I was first struck by how much I learned and reviewed in terms of the “what” in the Uniform Guidance.  Then our conversation turned to the challenges associated with the “how’s” of implementation. 

With this in mind, Management Concepts team of grants experts has shifted the focus of Federal Grants Update 2015 to help members of the grants community tackle these implementation challenges.  Participants in the course will complete exercises to identify the steps needed for compliance, such as reviewing solicitations and updating policies. 

We recognize that the impact of Uniform Guidance does indeed depend on the size and complexity of an organization’s financial assistance portfolio.  The information presented in Federal Grants Update 2015 will help these changes be more manageable.

In addition, we continue to keep our grants curriculum up-to-date with the Uniform Guidance and other grant reforms, including adding a course dedicated to developing and monitoring Indirect Cost Rates Under 2 CFR 200

Keep an eye out for additional blogs in the coming weeks. We will be highlighting some of the topics highlighted in our previous blogs, Top Ten Important Items to Know about the Uniform Guidance and Supercircular New Year’s Resolutions!

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