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Posted by on Jul 17, 2014

Be Prepared for IT Leaders Retiring: Start Training Your High Potential Staff Now

Graph1The aging demographics of the Federal workforce has been apparent for years, and the latest set of data (March 2014) released by OPM show no improvement in the outlook.

In the short term, the government has the benefit of the long years of service and experience of a seasoned workforce. Almost half of the IT workforce is now age 50 and above. Most of these workers are retirement eligible at age 55 or 56, so within a few years, as older workers retire and leave Federal service, so leaves that experience.

Funding in the Federal budget for training has been in short supply, and training needs will only increase as demand grows to replace the lost skills of the retirees. These younger workers who were born into the digital age also expect a much richer and dynamic learning experience. Training will have to be technically stimulating, professionally advancing, and personally entertaining.

Management Concepts is rapidly expanding its extensive courseware into e-Learning offerings, which provide the scale, economy, and rich learning experiences to coincide with this change in Federal IT workforce demographics.  Look at this as a part of the larger, varied curriculum designed specifically for Federal IT workers.

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