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Posted by on Nov 21, 2013

An Agile Approach Will Help the Fed Acquisition Workforce Successfully Chart Their Course


In a recent news article, both Feds and industry weighed in on the importance of a strong Federal acquisition workforce to better equip for large-scale IT project success – but that their historical hesitancy to avoid change and risk pits them in a waterfall environment, rather than an agile approach, that has better secured project success.  Moving to agile will enable fewer Federal projects that are running aground.

Is your agency ready for an agile approach?  Well the government thinks so.  GAO ran a report in July, 2012 recommending that the Federal CIO Council, along with OMB, move Federal IT projects to an agile environment, finding that it helps reduce the risk of overrun, over budget, or failed projects.  But you should first ask yourself the following:

  • Does your organization have the right structure to support agile?
  • Will your agency culture be an obstacle to agile adoption?
  • Do you have commitment from stakeholders to transition to agile?
  • Will you be able to secure – and keep – executive buy-in and support?
  • Does your agency select the right projects to move to agile?

To help answer these questions, we’ve built a quick, five minute Online Agile Assessment Tool to determine YOUR readiness to head away from waterfall.

And if your agency is ready, we’re at the helm to show you the way.  We offer a variety of Agile Acquisition Training Certifications to help your team succeed in implementing agile strategies. Learn more today!

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