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Posted by on Nov 18, 2013

The Super Circular is Coming in December…or Next Spring

Speaking at the annual Grants Professional Association (GPA) conference in Baltimore last Friday, Gil Tran, an official at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), told a workshop that OMB is in the process of finalizing the “Super Circular.”

Tran told the attendees that OMB is still hoping to release the Super Circular by the end of this year, but that the government shutdown has complicated matters.

“If it is not out by Christmas, then we will release it sometime after the State of the Union next year,” Tran said. Tran indicated that the release may be as late as early spring. President Obama is currently scheduled to give the State of the Union Address on January 21, 2014, so a February 2014 release may be the most realistic timeframe.

The Super Circular is a proposal by OMB to consolidate eight grants-related circulars into a uniform regulation applicable to all grant recipients.  In February 2013, OMB published a draft of the Super Circular in the Federal Register. OMB received more than 300 comments from the grants community regarding the proposed changes.

During his presentation, Tran highlighted some of the proposed changes to grants management and explained how each change would affect recipients. GPA conference attendees expressed most interest about the proposed 10% minimum indirect cost rate for new recipients

One participant asked Tran when the Super Circular’s provisions would be implemented. Tran stated that OMB anticipates that Super Circular will apply to all grants beginning in Fiscal Year 2015, which starts on October 1, 2014.

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