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Posted by on Nov 5, 2013

This Week in Grants News…

Senate Chair

“This Week in Grants News” is a resource Management Concepts provides to keep you informed of important federal grants-related news from the week.

 Senate Committee to Consider the DATA Act The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee will markup the DATA Act tomorrow. Senators are expected to consider an amendment that would alter some of the bill’s provisions. Management Concepts’ Grant Blog will provide additional information after tomorrow’s committee meeting.  Yesterday, the Federal News Network wrote an article about the proposed amendment.

House Committee Approves the GRANT Act The House Government Affairs and Oversight Committee approved the GRANT Act last week on a 19-15 party-line vote. The bill’s author, Congressman James Lankford (R-OK), talked to Science magazine about the implications of his bill.

Agencies Can’t Always Tell Who’s Dead and Who’s Not Agencies are required to check the Do Not Pay List before authorizing funding to recipient organizations and individuals. The Do Not Pay List is a platform that integrates multiple government databases. One database that the Do Not Pay List uses to verify recipient eligibility is the Death Master File, which contains death records of over 85 million Americans. Even with access to the Death Master File, the federal government continues to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits to deceased individuals. The Washington Post examines why this occurs.

NSF Announces 2014 Political Science Program Competition On November 1st, the National Science Foundation released a “Dear College Letter” announcing a January 15th deadline for the agency’s Political Science Program competition. For additional information about the program, read the letter.

Chicago Loses $9 Million Because of Sequestration Chicago officials are estimating sequestration will reduce federal grant funding to the city by $9 million this year. The Chicago Tribune examines the impact to the city.

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