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Posted by on Sep 20, 2013

This Week in Grants News

Government Shutdown

“This Week in Grants News” is a resource Management Concepts provides to keep you informed of important federal grants-related news from the week.

OMB Issues Shutdown Guidance to Agencies On Wednesday, OMB released a memo explaining how federal government agencies should prepare for a potential government shutdown. The memo also provided a Q&A section detailing how grants administration would be affected by a shutdown. Read OMB’s memo here.

5 Reasons Why a Government Shutdown is (Likely) Coming Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post examined the current budget stalemate and identified five compelling reasons why a shutdown seems, to him, likely. Read his five reasons here.

Government Shutdown Becoming Less Likely As a counterpoint to the previous article, this author takes the position that a government shutdown is becoming less likely. Draw your own conclusions! Read the article here.

How to Explain the Continuing Resolution to Your Friends Confused about why the government might shutdown? This is a great infographic that can help any football lover better understand the political maneuverings happening in the Capitol. Confused about football? This will not help you then. See the inforgraphic here.

Everyone Agrees it Should be Easier to Say How Much the Government Spends Officials from GAO testified before a Senate Budget Committee task force Wednesday to explain the difficulties in determining how much, and where, the federal government spends funds. The hearing was designed to promote the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act). The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee is expected to approve the DATA Act in October and the House should consider the legislation in the coming months. Read about the hearing here or watch the hearing here.

Stimulus Tracking Site is Rebooted to Monitor Hurricane Sandy Spending The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, the agency charged with overseeing Recovery Act funds, is often cited as a successful model on how government agencies can better promote transparency and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse of federal funds. The board’s mandate was set to expire at the end of the month, but Congress extended its mission to include monitoring the spending associated with the recovery from Hurricane Sandy. Read more about the board’s new responsibilities here.


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