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Posted by on Mar 15, 2013

GAO Releases Redbook Update

The GAO recently released the annual update to the Principles of Federal Appropriations Law, more commonly referred to as the Redbook. Two GAO opinions referenced in the update are important for the grants community.

The first important GAO opinion concerned the authority of the Social Security Administration to carry out two grant programs after the authorization for appropriations had expired. The GAO determined that as long as the underlying program authority is still valid, appropriations in the authorizing statute do not have to be current.

The second opinion, GAO opinion B-322628, involved the Department of Labor’s authority to make replacement grants. The GAO determined that the department could use funds de-obligated from a defective award to make new awards after the period of obligation of the funds had expired.

The entire annual update can be downloaded by clicking here.

Both GAO opinions are discussed and explained in Management Concept’s one-day Federal Grants Update 2013 seminar. The seminar provides students with the latest information affecting grants management and administration. An outline of the course can be found at the Federal Grants Update 2013 seminar’s webpage located here.

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