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Posted by on Oct 24, 2011

New Real Property Reporting Form Released

The Office of Management and Budget has approved a new Real Property Status Report Form, providing grantees with a governmentwide form for reporting on real property status or seeking disposition instructions.

The General Services Administration published the form (SF-429) as interim final last September, but OMB returned it to GSA in December 2010 for further revisions. OMB has now approved the revisions.

The report has a cover sheet and three attachments: A. General Reporting; B. Request to Acquire, Improve or Furnish; and C. Disposition or Encumbrance Request.

On the new form, GSA:

  • added questions and supporting explanations regarding sustainable/green practices and energy consumption;
  •  added an option for “encumbrance” on Attachment C “Disposition or Encumbrance Request”; and
  • added the words “kilometers” and “meters” in questions relating to acreage and footage.

Here is a link to the new form and instructions.

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