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Posted by on May 26, 2010

OPM Plans New Grants Management Series

The federal government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is circulating a proposed job classification series that would specify and standardize the use of the job title “Grants Management Specialist.”

Federal law requires OPM to establish official position titles to include a basic title (e.g., Grants Management Specialist) and optional titles such as “lead” or “supervisor”. Agencies must use the official position titles for human resources management, budget, and fiscal purposes.

According to the draft, the so-called Grants Management Series 1109 would include positions which “manage, supervise, lead, or perform administrative business and analytical work involving: (1) the management, award, and obligation of funds for federal assistance such as grants, cooperative agreements, and other related assistance and services using financial, administrative, business, and negotiation procedures; (2) the competitive or non-competitive evaluation of grants proposals; and (3) the administration or termination, and closeout of grants.”

The draft then goes on to list nearly 20 typical job duties of a grants management specialist.

You can read the full draft job classification here.

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