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Posted by on Mar 2, 2010

Leadership and the Olympics

As someone who watched many hours of the Olympics, I noticed an underlying, yet present connection between my work in the field of leadership and those Olympians on television.  Leadership was being demonstrated everywhere!

Individuals from all over the world demonstrated the self-perseverance and determination required to be a participant in their sport, yet practically every one was humble about their own accomplishments, gracious towards their fellow athletes, had a deep appreciation for others’ while still in competition, and carried on, even sometimes after crashing hard.  Self-driven and tenacious yet compassionate and committed to others, all with an eye toward the greater good of their respective sport…these athletes were demonstrating the core tenants of effective self-leadership.

It makes me wonder, can every leader lead like an Olympian?  Can every leader give it his or her best while still maintaining a sense of camaraderie and an eye towards the mission of his or her organization?  I believe so.  My question to you is, “Are you ready to earn your medal…in effective self-leadership?”

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