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Posted by on Feb 23, 2010

OMB Invites Comments on New 2 CFR Parts

The Office of Management and Budget is accepting comments on a set of proposed regulations that would impact several parts of the governmentwide grants administration process.

While the impetus for the proposed new rules is a legislative mandate to create a governmentwide database of information about large, potentially high-risk grantees, OMB’s proposal also addresses other areas, especially preaward. It represents the office’s ongoing efforts to relocate governmentwide guidance into one central location – Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

In many cases OMB’s proposal would simply codify existing policy. For example, a proposed new 2 CFR Part 25 would implement existing OMB guidance regarding the use of DUNS numbers. This guidance is currently in two separate OMB policy memoranda. This is just one example of what is included in the proposed regulations; there are many others.

The proposal would create or amend 2 CFR Part 25, DUNS/CCR registration; 2 CFR Part 27, program announcements; 2 CFR Part 35 postaward responsibilities; 2 CFR Part 77, termination; and 2 CFR Part 180, suspension and debarment.

As for the new database (mandated by the 2009 Defense Authorization Act) it would include information about grantees and subgrantees that receive more than $10 million in federal assistance. Those recipients would have to provide information about any criminal convictions, civil penalties, or administrative actions against them. Self-reporting of that information would be included as a term and condition in grant awards.

Comments are due April 19. To read the full OMB announcment, click here.

The proposed changes, along with other Title 2 developments, will be covered in our upcoming Federal Grants Update 2010 seminar. For dates and locations, click here.

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