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Posted by on Dec 21, 2009

New Recovery Act Guidance Addresses Data Quality, Nonreporters, and Jobs

Well, as most of the nation’s capital braced last week for a weekend blizzard, the Office of Management and Budget was busy releasing new guidance on the Recovery Act reporting requirements.

The memo released late Friday afternoon targets three areas: steps that federal awarding agencies must take to ensure the quality of data being reported by Recovery Act recipients; how federal agencies are to deal with recipients who have not reported or who have persistent reporting problems; and how recipients are to calculate and report the number of jobs created or saved with Recovery Act dollars.

For example, federal agencies are now required to provide recipients with a specific list of data about their awards, such as award type, amount, award number, CFDA number, federal agency number, and TAS (Treasury Account Symbol) code. OMB also offers guidance on how agencies are to assess late and non-reporters, and how to submit that list, which will be published on

The interesting aspect of the guidance for recipients is that OMB has offered detailed, step-by-step instructions and examples for calculating jobs. Further, recipients are no longer required to report cumulative jobs data, but rather simply job information for the reporting period. 

You can view the new memo here.

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  1. Thank you for the ARRA updates! The updates really help to keep on top of the changes to the reporting requirements.

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