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Posted by on Jun 17, 2009

OMB Moves Drug-Free Guidance to Title 2

The Office of Management and Budget has placed the final drug-free workplace guidance for grants and cooperative agreements in a new Title 2 CFR Part 182, a move that continues the government’s efforts to consolidate grants policy into one central location. The drug-free workplace guidance in Part 182 is virtually the same as the common rule currently being used by federal agencies and makes no substantive change to existing policies and procedures.

The office originally announced its intention to move the governmentwide guidance in September 2008. Now with the issuance of the final guidance, each federal  awarding agency will publish a rule in its own chapter of 2 CFR to adopt the OMB governmentwide guidance and remove the full text of the November 2003 common rule from its CFR chapter. This agency codification gives OMB’s guidance the force of regulation on that agency’s grants and recipients.

The Federal Register notice announcing the drug-free guidance final move to 2 CFR Part 182 was published June 15 and is available by clicking here.

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