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Workforce Management Insights

The Lines are Blurring: How Leaders Can Respond to the Ever-Changing Work Environment

Posted by on Dec 7, 2016

While examples of blurring lines offer some clues as to why organizational life is feeling so different, it leaves many organizational leaders with a big unanswered question: What do all these blurring lines mean for the future of organizations? Here are four highly recognized values of organizational change that will help you get to the heart of real organizational change.

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Well-Defined Roles Are the Basis for Long-term Talent Management

Posted by on Nov 22, 2016

Every aspect of talent management is impacted by how we define our people’s jobs, specifically their job accountabilities, technical job competencies, and behavioral competencies. Without strong organizational structure (re: strong role and job family definition), organizational changes can take a heavy toll on the staff, responsibilities are muddled, accountability diminishes, and employees can be left feeling frustrated and confused about the integrity of their organization.

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